Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Nana Things

In March, Nana Nicolson passed away. One of the hardest things we had to do was sell her house which was the Nicolson family home for over 50 years. We spent hours sorting out her things and remembering all the fun we had in the house.

My sister and I used to spend afternoons dressing up in her clothes and jewellery, pretending we were Zia from 'The Mysterious Cities Of Gold'. I think there were a few times we thought we were pretty convincing Ewoks too (I was Princess Kneesaa and Jennifer was Latara).

We used to love helping Nana cook in the kitchen too. She always had freshly baked scones and cakes ready for any visitors and the prettiest tea sets to serve them with.

Although she's not with us anymore and we don't have the house to visit, it's comforting to have some of our favourite Nana things in our home.

vintage pyrex

help yourself to cheese party plate

pretty towels

 carved jewellery box, handmade by Papa

onion and beetroot pots

vintage dresser with Nana's tea sets

ruby ring


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Crikey Aphrodite! said...

Hope you're ok. It's such a hard thing to do, although bringing back good memories is comforting.

Sometimes it's the little things you hold on to that have the most meaning. I have my gran's beat up folder of recipes and scribbled notes and a forget-me-not teacup and saucer that I used to ask to use when I was little. I have jewellery and things too, but they don't hit the memory button in quite the same way.