Tuesday, 11 January 2011

2011: I'm Back!

Hello? Are you still there? 2 years ago tomorrow will mark the last time I updated the blog. What's that all about? Laaaaaazy! Things slowed down at Clare Nicolson HQ during the last 2 years while I spent time on my other venture Made In The Shade. During this time though I did manage to create some new designs and build the all new online shop!

The Bunting, Buck and Rosie cushions are available now from the new site, with free UK P&P.

2011 was kick-started by the Made In The Shade annual Winter vacation. We've given ourselves 2 weeks off to relax and make plans for the year. Given top priority is also the task of planning for Clare Nicolson. I'm back on it, I promise. I will be ALL OVER IT this year (the business, that is). New designs are in production and photos will be up soon. Yeah, that's right I actually will be updating the blog more frequently!

Our vacation was intended for us to take some time off (obviously). Amongst all the work and plan making I actually did manage to have a break. I spent the weekend up in snowy Aviemore and Boat of Garten.

And now, back to making plans...

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